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Time management services for individuals on Long Island, New York

Are you struggling to gain back control over your schedule? Do you know of a student who is struggling with time management? Have you noticed your distraction, stress or worry increasing as you struggle to meet your deadlines?  I can present organization ideas and teach time management skills to identify interruptions and activities that are robbing you of valuable time. We can identify those time-zappers, plug up those holes and gain back control over your life.

Paper Management

Many events can cause a paper clog. If you are experiencing a personal situation that brings a lot of documents into your life and you don’t know where to start, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Take control of your bills and finances with my guidance every step of the way.

Student Organization

Are you or do you know a student that needs assistance focusing to get the most out of their education? I am available to work one-on-one with students and their families. I help identify students’ strengths and weaknesses to determine tips and tools to allow them to  reach their potential.

Scheduling and Time Management

The current data (computer) file environment will be evaluated and new systems established for saving, purging, categorizing and archiving.

Home Office Efficiency

Managing your life can be impossible if your home office is out of order.  We can work together to establish the best practices for you.  From paper management and purging to filing systems to storage, whatever your needs, we can do it. 

Digital Organizing

For those in need of help downloading and organizing their digital documents and photos.

Household Management

Coordinating your personal schedule alone can be a challenge, add to that family member activities and it can seem unmanageable.  I can assist you in creating a solution that is just right for you.

Task and Time Management

For those looking for tips or guidance in setting up systems that enable you to effectively manage your time. We can work on building skills that will help reduce the sense of being overwhelmed that leads to increased self-confidence and productivity.

Chronic Disorganization

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic disorganization every day. Do you feel like you have been disorganized for most of your life? Do you fear hoarding will take over your life? Has your quality of life has been affected by your lack of organization? Have you “tried everything” and nothing seems to work? Have you been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Are you overwhelmed as you deal with a life transition such as a birth of a premature baby, loss of a loved one or a divorce? There is no question you can take back control! We can do this together!

Will Preparation

Would you like to prepare a will, but don’t know where to start? I recommend one step at a time and assist in identifying each and every step. I will make the process as easy as possible for you.

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It has been a pleasure and pleasant experience knowing Denise Sawchuk. She is one of a kind. Denise has a beauty and aura that she brings to people in her life. It will bring her great fortunes. She is a wonderful person with a sweet heart.
Bero A.
technical operations specialist
I’d like to begin by stating that Denise went above and beyond what I ever expected. My mother, who can be a bit neurotic (and critical) loved her. I was very surprised. She constantly commented on Denise’s approach which she, too said was caring, compassionate and patient. Denise helped my mother feel motivated and energized to get through her mess. Denise’s gentle, results-oriented, positive approach exceeded my family’s expectations is an understatement. We strongly urge anyone to use her services. Wonderful person.
Keith C.
Kings Park, NY
I have known Denise Sawchuk for over 20 years and have worked closely with her in several capacities. Her attention to details and organizational skills enable Denise to achieve her goals as an excellent communicator with a great work ethic. She was consistently able to adapt to changing priorities, giving attention to every detail of the task at hand. Denise has proven herself time and again to be a dedicated, organized individual and is capable, confident and always has a can do attitude!
Steven Z.
engineering services director
A few years back I had the pleasure of working with Denise Sawchuk. At the time I was the elementary school PTA Co-President. We were unable to find someone to run our Fall Fun Festival and Denise was kind enough to step in and take the project on. Her duties included organizing the vendors, ordering materials and supplies for the day, setting up a haunted house, organizing volunteer time slots, ticket sales, coordinating events throughout the day and managing finances for the event. Denise was wonderful and handled this job without a glitch. I highly recommend Denise for her organizational skills and her good spirit.
Debbie S.
PTA President
I have known Denise Sawchuk for over 25 years. She has consistently displayed a very high attention to detail. All items in a project were meticulously planned out and reviewed with the customer. Once any adjustments were made, and the plans finalized, she drew up the final project documents. In a large project she insured there were milestones that allowed us to 'checkpoint' that we were on track. When acting in a support role, Denise often performed independent research and created documentation that could be used by the entire team. This was presented in a professional, concise format. In all our encounters, the conversations were sincere and trustworthy. Denise always maintained a positive, upbeat attitude. WE can get this done! Her planning, coordination and execution will insure that she will achieve the results you are looking for.
Michael W.
technical operations manager
It's always a pleasure to work on a project that runs well and ends on time. Meeting deadlines and budgets while delivering the requested solution is challenging but very rewarding. I have witnessed Denise Sawchuk perform flawlessly many times. Her logical and methodical approach to projects gets you to the finish line. She has excellent communication skills and her organizational skills are exceptional. Not only can she stay organized and focus on a project but she can assist others in being organized. Her planning and prioritization skills allow her to work on several projects simultaneously. Whenever we worked together I knew the project would be smooth and stress-free. Let Denise manage our next project. You won't be dissappointed.
Ro L.
Business Systems Manager
I was so frustrated with my hall closet always ending up a mess every time I cleaned it. Since my whole family uses the closet, someone was always messing it up again. Denise Sawchuk was very insightful and easy to work with. She had ideas I never thought of before, and now I have a very organized and functional closet. And now it stays organized because of all the tips Denise gave me! I am so glad I found her!
Jannette L.
I have known Denise on both a personal & professional level for the past 35 years and she has always been a trustworthy, supportive, and dependable co-worker as well as friend. She approaches every given task, especially the most challenging, with enthusiasm, passion, and sheer dedication to a successful and timely completion. Denise’s common sense approach to business combines brilliantly with her outstanding organizational skills and creativity, and I’ve no doubt of her success in pursuing a passion that she is so naturally gifted for!
Linda B.
Lead Voice Analyst
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