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“I perform all of my services with respect and compassion without judgment. I hold confidentiality as my number one priority.”

Organization ideas for balance and freedom in your life

Being organized makes everyday tasks much more manageable.

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have someone to manage your life? Are you always helping others and seem to forget about yourself? Does paperwork make you uncomfortable? Do you have trouble finding important documents?

When the quality of your life suffers and you feel overwhelmed, I can guide you to a balanced life. If you can’t seem to complete things you start or feel like you can’t get out of your own way, I can help you learn how to gain focus and new ways to stay focused. For some, a life-changing event may have caused chaos. For others, chronic disorganization may be the cause.

This type of service works exceptionally well with Virtual Organizing. I offer a fresh perspective to help you streamline your routines. I will gently help you eliminate non-productive habits and learn to prioritize tasks, activities, and appointments. I can assist you in turning a large amount of information, no matter how overwhelming or chaotic it may seem, into an organized system that will enable you to find what you need.

Remember, small changes can lead to great transformations!

I specialize in helping people who are chronically challenged with organization. I help people get their life back on track. I gently assist you through your challenges in your home or workspace. I research options and products based on your needs and desires to help design new systems created just for you.

Do you wonder if you experience chronic disorganization? If you answer yes to any of these questions below, I can help you make a difference in your life.

What Is Chronic Disorganization?

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) defines chronic disorganization as a condition that persists over time, frequently undermines quality of life, and recurs despite repeated self-help attempts. Chronic disorganization may be caused by depression, chronic neurobiological conditions such as ADHD, chronic pain caused by conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or early stages of dementia.

Let Me Help You

Whether at your location or virtually, I can help you. We can tackle any situation, task, or project, as I help you learn new organized ways of doing things to bring on more consistent results. This is a perfect service for those who experience chronic disorganization in their lives. This service can be very effective for you if you have either been diagnosed with or feel that you experience ADHD or OCD related behaviors that affect your daily quality of life.

My life-changing services include assisting you in managing:

I was tired of the voice in my head telling me I’m incapable and was as desperate as I’d ever been. I found Denise and her EZ organizing through google. Its the luckiest search I’ve ever made and the best money ever spent. My wife and I had recently bought a house and I was overwhelmed and panicking at the prospect of managing our new space. Organization never worked for me. Most times began with me attempting too much, leaving me enraged and humiliated when things didn’t work out.

She is the source I needed to get the wheels turning. Denises approach is to get as much info from you in advance. I presented her with what I wanted to do and she instantly divided the project into specific tasks! I want to emphasize that she is there to support YOUR vision. She is behind you the whole way, and she’s always on the job! She’s available whenever you need her, and will touch base and check in with you, if you’re like me, when or if you don’t follow through with something agreed upon.

From day 1, she entered with a plan. She provided me with a thorough list of furniture and supplies that would support my vision. Like a teacher she provided me with what I would need and supported my decisions and gently, cautiously steered me away from my old (inadvertently) destructive habits. I could present her with a challenge and she’d literally sit right down and sketch out a blue print of the room, or utilizing a mental rolodex of organizational know how she’d solve problems and present numerous options of organizational tools for me to select.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone who needs assistance, but especially those who are overwhelmed and feeling hopeless, because that was me. She listened to me when I was anxious and afraid and pulled me through. She was a guide, a cheerleader, a co worker, and a 100% hands on partner in the process. You’re the designer and she is the architect bringing it to life. Go for it! If you need help you’ll never find a better guide.


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