Virtual Organizing Services

“As your virtual organizer I perform all of my services with respect and compassion without judgment. I hold confidentiality as my number one priority.”

Declutter your environment and reduce stress in your life

Virtual Organizing is a more cost-effective and flexible solution as compared to onsite organizing. I can work with you anywhere you are, helping you to feel empowered and organized. I visit your space virtually and offer expert guidance as you accomplish tasks at your own pace, in your own time.

I will help you declutter and set up simple, intuitive systems that are easy for you to use and maintain. This is also a great option for those who are uncomfortable with people in their homes.

You should choose someone who specializes in virtual organizing and who is a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional over someone who may have just watched an organizing show on television. Working with a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional assures you that they have demonstrated they have the skills to work with you remotely and they have met certification qualifications.

Shorter Sessions

Virtual organizing offers shorter sessions at a much lower cost than in-person services and helps those who need accountability to achieve their organizing goals. A typical virtual session is 60-90 minutes. Virtual organizing is a collaborative process between us via phone, tablet, or computer. During these sessions, we will work to declutter and organize your physical space and learn new skills that will enable you to achieve balance and maintain order on your own. I gently help you eliminate non-productive habits and learn to prioritize tasks, activities, and appointments.

Assessing Your Situation

As I get to know you and your goals, I research different organizing systems and we identify strategies that will work for you. This is a great opportunity to learn new techniques that eliminate and prevent clutter from returning after our sessions are complete. This option can include clutter management and space management in your home or workspace as well as learning strategies that can improve the way you manage your life.


Identifying Your Needs


We discuss your goals and the space or systems that challenge you.  My goal is to create processes to specifically meet your needs. We can focus on well-defined projects even more closely than when we work side-by-side, and at times can provide more powerful advantages than onsite work.  We can work together to improve where and how you live and work. After each session, I leave you with documented session details and follow up action steps for you to keep working independently on the project between sessions. I stay connected with you to follow up for accountability and to keep the process moving along.

Share Your Success


Please let your friends, family, and co-workers know about my virtual organizing service if you think they are a good fit.

Denise is the best virtual organizer! She really changed my life. Denise always made me feel she wanted what was best for me. I am amazed at how much we accomplished and she actually helped me be able to organize on my own. I’m now able to stop clutter from building because I see things differently than before working with Denise. I always needed someone to physically work alongside me to get things done. But ever since I started working with Denise virtually, I feel so much more in control and really free.

She helped me organize my home office and storage spaces in my home like I never imagined I could. And I feel like I can manage my life better now too. This virtual stuff really works when they say you can learn new ways of doing things! 


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