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“I perform all of my services with respect and compassion without judgment. I hold confidentiality as my number one priority.”

Small Changes Can Lead To Great Transformations

Life can be full of surprises and sometimes present an unexpected turn of events. When life throws you a curveball, most of us tend to accumulate clutter and become disorganized for a while. Whether a life-altering event is planned or unexpected, joyous or sad, it can throw us off our tracks when approached in an unorganized manner. Life-altering events that require adjustment can be marriage, pregnancy, a new home, starting college, career or job changes, illness, the death of a loved one, and much more.

I am here to help you manage the rocky road of transition with compassion, kindness, respect, and total confidentiality. I offer proven techniques to lead you from your disorganized life to a life of more order and less chaos.

Transitions bring change and change can be stressful. Change can affect our schedules and routines or where we live. Change can cause stress that affects our mood and our ability to cope with everyday events. Life transitions are a great time to regroup – carefully consider how we maintain order in our day to day lives and decide what works and what doesn’t.

I gently assist you with solutions that will allow you to feel calm and in control. I am there to remove the hardship and allow you to focus on your self-care and the care of your loved ones. Remember, small changes can lead to great transformations!

I am your support as you:

I also support managing life after trauma such as:

I’d like to begin by stating that Denise went above and beyond what I ever expected. I live about two hours away from my parents who sold their vacation home and had a lot of the contents put into their home. I was looking for a smart, caring person who I could trust with my elderly parents.

About five rooms were completely full, cluttered, and disorganized. My mother, who is in her eighties, was very upset and stressed. I heard about it every day. She tried to fix her situation but it was literally impossible and was a tall order for me to help as it would have taken several weeks (of my vacation time) to organize. I did a lot of research and comparisons and Denise sounded great.

We spoke on the phone and I was impressed by her knowledge and caring approach. She started soon thereafter. My mother, who can be a bit neurotic (and critical) loved her. I was very surprised. She constantly commented on Denise’s approach which she, too said was caring, compassionate and patient. Denise helped my mother feel motivated and energized to get through her mess. Denise’s gentle, results-oriented, positive approach exceeded my family’s expectations is an understatement. We would (and probably will) hire Denise again without question. We strongly urge anyone to use her services. Wonderful person.


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